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Bills Manual

250 Grace Fellowship 2566003965 CHASE Auto

105  Herb Issac and Hanna Armstrong PP Auto

160  AT&T Phone 615.319.2436 gDx4  acct# 545007522730

105 Dormans and Renolds Insurance for YSS Check MAIN

100 Cheaha Bank LOC 19K acct 001502001371 Due 3rd Mine Auto

300  Eating out

200  Gas

225  Wine

Total 1450

Bills Automatic

270  Blue Apron Grocery staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4 CAPONE Auto

56    Alfa 205-310-0192 cell Policy # HHM053103949615 my truck insurance MINE Auto

60    Alfa 205-594-7054 off  life insurance MINE Auto

223  Alfa Car and House insurance. MINE Auto

98    Sparklight Kenleyerin07 IseeyouI! CHASE Auto

14    Netflix kendale.russell@yahoo.com iloveyou2 Kendale Pays

10    Hulu staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4 PP

11    Youtube Premium staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4 PP/Main

49    Youtube TV CapOne Auto

106 East Alabama Porta Potty CAPONE

38    Web.com 144pawn.com IcuI! CapOne

23    Web.com 144pawn.com IcuI! CapOne

8      Anniston Star stacey144 IcuI! MINE Auto

160  Metro PCS CHASE 1420

5     APT staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

10   Yi  staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuDR! Camera Cloud Storage 149/year 130 day loop renews yearly start 10/18/2017 Cheaha Mine Auto

350   Alabama Power 

TOTAL 1491

TOTAL Personal Expenses 2500


4000 144

200   LOT

1200 YARD

= 5400

NET 3000


 Amazon    stacey@144pawn.com Icuk! CHASE Auto

 Ebay  stacey144 Icui!  PP

 WalMart    144@144pawn.com gI PP

 SamsClub staceygigigig@yahoo.com ICUI! Acct # D0D 34D00 8828D7703 CHASE Auto

 Pandora   staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4

 Samsung 144@144pawn.com gDx4

 Kuhl   staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4

 Google  staceygigigi@yahoo.com g2x4 PP or CAPONE

 TuneinRadio   staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4

 SiriusXM   kendale.russell@yahoo.com IwannagoI

 Anniston Star   stacey144 IseeyouI!

 Google  staceygigigi@yahoo.com g2x4

 CraigsList  staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4

 NetworkSolutions Staceygigigi@yahoo.com or STACEYG1G1G1G1 ICUI! NIC Handle: 30662225O PP

 Tile  staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

 Pintrest   staceygigigi@yahoo.com gDx4

 Zennioptical  stacey@144pawn.com IcuI!  (Sphere R -1.0 L -1.0  Cylinder R -0.75  L -1.0 Axis R 085 L 100 ( PD R 31.5 L 31.5) (52 18 140) Style eight to eighty

Kendale (Sphere R +1.75 R+1.25 Cylinder R -1.25 L -1.00 Axis R 083 L 106 Reading 2.0) PD 31.5) PP

 Nest.com  staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

 Calhoun County Taxes

 My Personal Tax Payment

 Accuradio.com  staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!


 Amazon Order Report

 Sams Club


Social Media


 Itunes  Stacey 144@144pawn.com IcuI! PP

 Itunes Kendale kendale.russell@yahoo.com IwannagoI

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 ShopMac login 144pawnshop! Employee1 144pawnshop

AirMac login John Burgess ICU4!

 Icloud 144@144pawn.com IcuI! passcode 062264 security # 154585 or staceygigigi@icloud.com H1h1h1h!!

 Iphone passcode 06226K

 Keychain IcuI! or H1h1h1h! or H1h1h1h!! or H2h2h2h@ or IcuK!

 Time Machine IcuI!

 Modem acess usr: admin pwd: motorola g2x4


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  PayPal  144@144pawn.com  Web ICUDR! PIN 09D4D965 phone 8667536440 ME 5581588722440260319395

  Cheaha 144pawnshop ICUDD! 847-8802 144 rt 062206376 a#52000052 CB Burgess rt 062206376 a#61038938 MC5453D3138D509904 0815 780 

     Main  MC545313D381562267 1119 5443 AIIK 

     Mine MC5453D31381562259 1119 721 AIIK

   Wells Fargo kendalr iloveyouI

  Capital staceyg1g1g1g1 ICUI! 5D78059824680301 1220 C22 

  Chase Amazon staceyg1g1g1g1 ICUK! 4D47400257107100 02/24 87C

  Square 144@144pawn.com gDx4

  Dad 4229971555792299 9/20 ADI

144 Pawn

 Bravo Pawn Systems 1-888-407-6287

     Usr: STACEY or DAVID or BRAD

     Pwd: 144PAWNSHOP

     Sales Contact: Fiona

     Front Desk Contact: Michell 1-702-749-9117  

     Technical Contact: 

     Billing Contact: Jennifer 1-702-701-9115 ext 4

     Account Manager: Josh 1-702-701-9115

     Bravo Software License Workstation 1: 8524X-$YX%-M8X$Y

 MLA Report 144pawn Welcome123


     Email: stacey@144pawn.com

     Pwd: Iseeyou2!

 ShopDELL and MAC

     Windows Pwd: ICUI!    

     Mac Pwd: 144pawnshop! Employee1 144pawnshop

 Leadsonline.com Store ID: 52180  Usr name: 144pawnshop  PWD: Iseeyou@!!!

 JitBit Macro Recorder usr name staceygigigi@yahoo.com licence number/Serial Number: YP4838/nuM4xL0X4ji9nX5pt45Yd1LrIM6wAu5gq/7CR/kR93oBMSQHZ

 Safe: 8K 15 K5 Safe2: 9D 60 C0 Safe3: 80 K0 6D

Tax #35-2437878

Tax exempt number: R008751245

Trinity Accounting  Phone: 1-256-237-7895                   Fax: 1-256-2409546

     Doing: Alabama Sales Tax, Calhoun County Sales Tax, Yearly Taxes, Personal Taxes

     Amy is our contact. 

Credit Card Processor: Phone: 18774915203 Acc# 0000D7901914

Alarm code word "Bubba1" keycode 0225 18002382727

NICS online john.s.burgess U4thaman!

NICS Phone 18773246427 "Bubba1"

NICS Password Reset 


144 Lic # PS5976


Articles of Incorpation LLC PDF

FFL  OLD 163015022F02146 PDF NEW 163015024G03871 Bubba1 PDF

Insurance Planning 2562377541 act# 144pa-1 Margret Hatley

GunPerm PDF

 Pawn License Renewal Alabama State Banking Department

 Pawn Guide

 144JINGLE 1

 144 JINGLE 2

 Blue 1998 Chevy S-10 vin 1GCCS1443WK251411 ALPHA POLICY

 144 Bills

750 Alabama Power 8310 and 8308 and YSS 

135 Sparklight staceygigigig Icul! 

60   Republic Services staceygigigi@yahoo.com Icul!



The Yard Sale Spot

3120 US-431 Anniston Al 36206

Tax ID

 Alabama Power Account Number 6748448013 web ascess code 345839


Insurance Margret Hatley 2562377541 $1200 per year (Liability and $25K on building) 


Mini Pod



     Network Solutions staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

     Network Solutions Email Icu!D2345!

     G Suite Administrator Login  John@hotspotad.com  IcuI!

     Web.com 144pawn.com Icul!

     Metro PCS Phones Quintard Store #:256-403-2003 Account #: 49179 Carrier#:138553439

          256-600-3383 19641964 LOG IN PHONE





Me ADL 8208025 PDF

Kendale ADL 4878522

Reagan KDL b15709308/ss404553339 2617 South Virginia St Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Carins PDF


BirthCert PDF

BCBS user staceygigigi pwd gDx4 PPA821423581Member Name Kendale C Burgess

Group #: 29207 Customer service 1-800-292-8866  Provider locator: 1-800-810-2583

Employees Health RMC Tyler Center 3 - spouses of employees are free

CVS Issuer 9151014609 ID 90600064 Name Kendale C Burgess

Delta Dental Name Kendale Burgess Employee ID 117173144201 Group 19016


 Birthdays Dad:2/25/1942 Mom 5/25/1942 Kendale 9/14/1964 Reagan 9/1/1999 Brad 9/9/1965 Kenley 01/20/1989

VIN 2GCEC13C371723882 (Dreyer Mark L) 2007 SILVERADO LS

OHC  61-1311903

OMH  31-1565738

Life Insurance Policy through Select Quote but a Prudential Policy Select Quote Contact Bryan rogers 800-343-1985 Policy Number L9 092 386 Premium 771/year. Policy in Shop safe. 

Safe: 11D222

Smart Electronic Passwords:

 Sprinkler home control - Download Ranhio app on iphone -  email user name- staceygigigi@yahoo.com pwd  ICUI!

 Smart LIfe - Lights downstairs and Light in the shop: staceygigigi@yahoo.com Icul!

 Neststaceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

 Ring - Yard Sale Camera staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

 SimpliSafe Alarm: Shop 0225 keypad entry 0622 duress code App and account: staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

 Yi Home - staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuI!

 IRobot  - staceygigigi@yahoo.com Icul! 


  MetroPCS Phones pin 19641964

  Iphone 1-256-600-3965

  Truck Back Up 1 1-256-600-5389

      Hot Spot pwd - ICUI!

  Yard Sale Spot 1 1-256-600-3556

      Hot Spot pwd - ICUI!

  Yard Sale Spot 2 1-256-600-5504


     Hot Spot pwd - ICUI!

     Bobby 1-256-600-6232 (Bobby)

     Hot Spot pwd - ICUI!



 Yahoo  Kendale.russelle@yahoo.com iwannagoIgo2

 Yahoo  staceygigigi@yahoo.com IcuK!

 stacey@144pawn.com IcuI!

 144@!44pawn.com Icul!

 carroll1car@aol.com - kenneth1 -ama

 kenley.gardner@yahoo.com 113 Isom Dr. Alexandria, Al 36250


Phone Numbers


McIntosh Tamara A MD 1-256-892-2121

Bruce Cunninghame 1-256-435-2007

Downey Eye 1-256-820-5500

Kendale 1-256-453-9733

Dad 1-256-473-9912

David 1-256-454-8972

Brad 1-256-640-5719

Reagan 1-270-348-1880 

Kenley 1-256-310-8179

Ky 1-256-282-3109

Regina 1-770-712-1854

Kendale 1-256-453-9733

Moms phone http://www.straighttalk.com 1-256-419-8191

Moms Internet password: AB15A41512CE0445 Modem Tye Arris CFE2

Moms facebook Kathyb524@gmail.com Strutter5

Moms computer password Strutter5

Moms username google Kathy524@gmail.com

Dad Google/Youtube password johnburgess


21 W. Glen

2617 South Virgina St Hopkinsville, KY 42240

336 verbon george

785 Stadium Drive - dad

819 Stadium Drive - Brad

775 Railroad Dr - Regina

736 Railroad Dr - Trailer

1290 Mohawk Tr 36271- lake

905 W 32nd ST Anniston AL 36201 Renters Crystal Johnson 12564544036

Dad's Songs

Lord I'm Coming Home

The Anchor Holds

You Don't Know Lonely Till its Chizzled in Stone Vern Godsden

I Want to Stroll over Heaven with you. Alan Jackson

Songs for Kendale 

From here to the Moon and Back. Willie and Dolly